Kate Liffey


Kate Liffey is the national director for Catechetics and coordinator of the National Faith Development Team for the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference. She is the CPSMA’s representative on the NCCA’s Early Childhood and Primary Board and, from this engagement, has coordinated responses to the NCCA’s proposals on Education about Religions and Beliefs and Ethics, and on a redeveloped primary curriculum. She also coordinates the work of the Council for Catechetics working groups on post-primary Religious Education, youth and young adult ministry and a working group on the catechetical implications of Laudato Si’.

Kate is a graduate of Mater Dei Institute of Education, St Angela’s College, Sligo, and NUI Galway. She is married to Geoff and they have three children.


  1. Challenges Facing Religious Education – Primary
  2. Challenges Facing Religious Education – Post-Primary

If we were to believe everything we read in national newspapers and online about Catholic Religious Education at post-primary level and particularly at primary level, we would surely feel deep dismay at the challenges facing us in our work of sharing the Good News of God’s love for all of God’s creatures.

Each workshop will give the participant space to examine and unpack these challenges and to sift through them for signs of new life and new hope.

As people called to engage prophetically with our times, what do these challenges tell us about the tentative next steps that might be taken in faith and in love? What do we need to say to these challenges as people of faith? And, maybe most importantly, how might these conversations most fruitfully be held in love, humility and courage?