Sr Bernadette Purcell PBVM

Bernadette Purcell is currently chaplain in IT Tallaght and has been involved with third-level chaplaincy for a number of years. She holds a BA in theology and arts, a higher diploma in education, a MSc in applied spirituality, another in sociology, and a diploma in dance meditation/sacred dance. She teaches sacred dance classes weekly.





Dance Meditation: Dancing in Divine Rhythm

‘Dance is meditation in movement, a walking into silence where every movement becomes prayer.’ (Bernhard Wosien)

Dance Meditation can help bring about a greater integration and harmony between heart, body, mind and spirit. With its roots in the European classical and folk-dance traditions, dancing in circles to inspiring music can help develop a sense of community and offer moments of deep inner stillness and peace. This workshop will be experiential and done in a circle. All dances will be taught. Some dances will be done to the music of Taizé and music from other traditions that still the mind and release the body. God dances in us: how can we know the dancer from the dance?